Can I request a home visit?

Please see our home visit page.

Can I speak to a doctor on the telephone?

If you need to speak to a doctor at Furnace House Surgery on the telephone, we would ask that you phone between 11:30-12 noon when one of the doctors is usually available.

Who do I contact regarding my out-patients appointment?

If you would like to arrange, confirm, alter or cancel an outpatient appointment please call the Central Contact Centre for Withybush Hospital and Glangwili Hospital on 0300 3039642. The centre will ensure that outpatient appointments can be arranged at the earliest opportunity particularly for people who are suspected of having life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

I think that i need carers for my relative, who should i contact?

Please fill in an online assessment form at the following link: 



When will i have my test results?

Test results are read by the Doctor and actioned on the computer system so information can be given to patients.  Please telephone after 11:30 a.m. for test results.  For reasons of confidentiality, information will only be given to the patient concerned.  The Reception Staff at Furnace House Surgery are unable to discuss medical matters but will refer you to the Doctor or Nurse where appropriate.

can i have a chaperone during my consultation?

Furnace House Surgery is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where  patients and staff can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.

If you would like a chaperone during your consultation, please ask the doctor.

A Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant will usually act as your chaperone, but on rare occasions a Receptionist may be asked to chaperone.